This web site is about creating an integrated environment to span the inter disciplinary boundaries in Solar System Sciences.

As one of the first step on the way to this remote goal, we capture the information about services provided by the communities that are potentially interesting to share. This allows us to get a comprehensive view on where we are in terms of interoperability in this domain today. Therefore, a database of web services that is put here at disposal to the community.

This Interoperability Web Site originates from Three European projects have been key in the definition of an integrated research environment: HELIO, Europlanet RI and SOTERIA. The three projects explored different aspects of science that are overlapping:

  • HELIO looked at how the Sun affects the Solar System. HELIO is creating a collaborative environment where scientists can discover, understand and model the connection between solar phenomena, interplanetary disturbances, and
    their effects on the planets;

  • Europlanet RI studied the planets and other bodies in the Solar System. Europlanet RI is consolidating the integration of the planetary science community. It is also integrating a major distributed European infrastructure to be shared, fed and expanded by all planetary scientists, with space- and ground-based observations, laboratory experiments and numerical modelling teams;

  • SOTERIA created a wide synergy in the fields of solar-space and geophysics among different centres in a number of European countries to achieve a higher level of quality and accessibility for the observational data
    and for the models.

These three projects represent major investments at the EU level. Since they have a number of datasets in common, it is obvious that integrating their efforts into a single data environment is the way to increase, through the sharing of resources, the possibility of achieving new science results. The general issue addressed is therefore: how to improve the interoperability between the projects. More than one of the three projects may need to use the same data set to support scientific research, although the way it is used may depend on the project and on the particular piece of science. In some cases, access is hindered because of differences in the way the different communities describe and store their data.

This website was set-up in the course of the CASSIS project funded by the EU Framework 7 project.

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